FoodScan - QrCode Restaurant Menu Maker and Contactless Table Ordering System with Restaurant POS

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  • Created: 28th Dec, 2023
  • Updated: 15 July, 2024

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To install, set up, and publish FoodScan with your branding, it's necessary to possess fundamental knowledge in both server-side since the system comprises multiple features for web applications.

  • Real server Server related knowledge like apache, nginx or local machine server, we preferred to use a real server.
  • Server related knowledge and we preferred cPanel in your server for quick installation
  • Basic knowledge in PHP, NPM, Vue, Laravel if you want to do some customization yourself (Not compulsory).
  • basic knowledge about google cloud and firebase

Note: Remember! Envato's pricing does not cover installation or app publishing support. It is your responsibility to follow the installation instructions outlined in the documentation, as well as any necessary steps for setup and branding-related changes. We are not liable for any errors you may make during the process. Additionally, any customizations you make are entirely your responsibility. If you want us to Install the script for you then you can take our installation service from here.


Before install, please make sure you have the components bellow enable on your server

  • PHP 8.1 or Greater
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Exif PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • GD PHP Extension (or Imagick PHP Extension)
  • PHP Zip Archive
  • PHP cURL
  • PHP Zip Archive
  • Rewrite Module (Apache or Nginx)
  • open_basedir must be disabled

Typically, these extensions are enabled by default on most servers, but it is recommended that you confirm with your hosting provider.

Please proceed with caution and take great care in completing this task. Any errors made will not be the responsibility of our team.

Active Purchase Key:

Tips Check the video tutorial!

Before install, please active your envato purchase key from our system and install project by our license key

  1. Goto inilabs official site
  2. Now create an account in our site

  3. Click the below link and verify your email

  4. Now click Active Purchase Key from home page and fill you information
    1. Select your product
    2. Enter your domain, Which domain you would be using this product
    3. Enter your envato purchase key and click submit

  5. Now copy your Active License and install the product by this license


Tips Check the video tutorial!

Note: Remember! The script doesn't have any "install" folder or directory. The installation is controlled by a Controller.

Now Follow the steps below to setup the script:

  1. Unzip the downloaded package from here and open the /Source Code folder to find all the script zip. You will need to upload the file to your hosting web server using FTP or localhost in order to use it install it on your website and then you need to unzip this file in your server desired location.
  2. Below is the folder structure and needs to be uploaded to your website or localhost root directory:
  3. You should upload all files.
  4. Now you are good to go for start the installation process from the browser
  5. Make sure in script folder /bootstrap and /storage folder have permission as 755 recursively.
  6. Manually create a database using “Phpmyadmin”.
  7. Run the install script path from any web browser ( and click on “Check Requirements” button.
  8. Now you can see your php extension list if it is already installed in all extension then you can see "Check Permissions" button. Now click on this button and go to next step
  9. Now you will see the folders permission list if everything is ok then click “Configure Environment”
  10. Now Enter your Licence code which you created from iNiLabs and click on you will see the folders permission list if everything is ok then click “Configure Environment”
  11. Provide your database and App information like Database Host, Database Name, Database Username, and Database Password, then click “Setup Application”
  12. Now you will see the login information (Email : , Password : 123456) then click here to exit
  13. Good Luck!!!

Firebase Push Notification Setup

To use firebase follow the procedure which are mentioned below
  1. Go to this URL to create project If you already have a project then continue with that.
  2. Now go to project settings to get server key
  3. To get server key click on Cloud Messaging option
  4. Turn on the switch and put the server key in your Notification settings in admin panel

Business Setup

Within the administrative panel, we provide a designated section known as "Settings" This particular area empowers you to configure various essential aspects of your business, such as your company, site, branches, Mail setup, Order Setup, OTP, Notifications, Social Media Setup, Cookies, Analysis, Time Slots, Sliders, Roles & Permissions ,theme including logo, timezone, country, time format, location, currency, and numerous other pertinent settings.

Tips Check the video tutorial!

Payment Gateway Configuration

In our initial version we are giving two major payment gateways in the system, which are PayPal and Stripe. Admin can setup these both payment gateways from the admin panel payment settings.

SMS Gateway Configuration

We have one sms gateway integrated in the system which is Twilio and admin can setup that from admin panel -> sms settings.

How to change or customize a language?

Translate your admin and website, follow these steps:

  1. Login into the admin panel.
  2. Goto settings -> Languages.
  3. Click On Add Language.
  4. Fill all field and add new language.
  5. Click on the view icon of the new language low in from the list.
  6. Select file from the dropdown option under Files tab and click get file content.
  7. All the lebels and language objectives will appear in the bottom of the field.
  8. Now update the value of all the input fields and click save.
  9. You do not change any word under the curly bracket text {}, example {name}.
  10. When all language is changed then run some command in your terminal or ssh panel.
npm install npm run prod


If this documentation doesn't answer your questions, So, Please send us Email via Item Support Page

We are located in GMT +6:30 time zone and we answer all questions within 12-24 hours in weekdays. In some rare cases the waiting time can be to 48 hours. (except holiday seasons which might take longer).

Note: While we aim to provide the best support possible, please keep in mind that it only extends to verified buyers and only to issues related to our script's & app's like bugs and errors. Custom modifications or third party module implementations are not included.

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Version 1.5 (15 Jul, 2024)

  • Added Midtrans payment gateway
  • Firebase push notification update
  • RTL minor bug fix

Version 1.4 (12 Jun, 2024)

  • Added Iyzico payment gateway
  • Added Pesapal payment gateway
  • Added RTL feature
  • Zip code minor bug fix
  • Language minor bug fix
  • Bkash payment gateway minor bug

Version 1.3 (06 May, 2024)

  • Added category draggable feature
  • Bkash payment gateway minor bug fixed
  • Razorpay payment gateway minor bug fixed
  • Sales report minor bug fixed
  • Made seo friendly url
  • Language minor bug fixed

Version 1.2 (08 Feb, 2024)

  • Site setting minor bug fixed
  • Company setting minor bug fixed
  • MSG91 minor bug fixed
  • Telr minor bug fixed
  • Dinning table minor bug fixed
  • Stripe minor bug fixed
  • POS simple bug fixed

Version 1.1 (04 Jan, 2024)

  • Notification issue fix
  • Quantity issue fix
  • Country code issue fix
  • Other issue fix

Version 1.0 (28 Dec, 2023)

  • Initial Release

How to get latest version and How to update Your Current Version to New Version?

  1. Download latest version from here or if you want us to upgrade your current system then you can take one of our premium support plan from here